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Leaving Lima

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Yesterday we visted some ruins here in Lima. They are some of the oldest runis in Peru, and looked a bit like they were out of Indiana Jones! They were really cool and all made out of mud bricks. After we just chilled at the hostel, as still pink like lobsters!

Getting ready to leave Lima today. Found out today that apparently it must be good for special locals to touch travellers as me and Loz both got harrased this morning!!

So we are leaving Lima to travel up to an Eco Village Loz`s sister told us about. Link attached below.


It looks like an interesting place to start our travels. Theres no internet so we will be out of contact for a few days....

Lucy x

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And so it beggins ....

Peru part 1

sunny 27 °C

P1000570.jpgSo in the past 48 hours we have flown 14 hours accros the world and through three countries, stayed In two different hostels and learnt a few valuable lessons:

1 always ask to see your room before you pay the man
2 no matter where you go mc Donald and Starbucks have probable beat you there
3 always barter they look suprised when you just say yes and then you just feel ripped off
4 and finally learn the exchange rate ..... The rooms cheap for a reason, mc donalds and Starbucks are the same price as the uk and you went being ripped off in the first place .....

Lima is wicked not quite what we expected tho but I guess it Is the capitals and all cities in one way or another are alike. Lookin faward to getting out tomorrow though were headin to the Eco village althogh were not quite sure yet where it is ..... Where there's a will theres a way and all that. Dident quite realise rather how big Lima is planed to do all this stuff today just to find out there all in the four corners of the city the beach was nice though and there are some alrite surf spots even if we should have worn sun cream. Everyone comes out at night as well markets just seemed to pop up out of nowhere they sell big knives and finger puppets AMAZING!!!!

Z z z z

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